Insiders already know it: Frankfurt is best in sport and not just since Henry Maske (Boxing)! Since first new Olympic Games of the new era in 1896 in Athens, where the Frankfurts Hermann Weingrtner won three gold medals, the Oder town has been right at the top when it comes to sport. Since then many more names have joined in Frankfurts success: Karin Balzer (Olympic Medallist - Hurdles), Klaus Kste (Olympic Medallist - Gymnastics), Manfred Wolke (Trainer -Boxing), Maik Bullmann (World Championship Medallist - Wrestling), Yvonne Bnisch (Olympic Medallist - Judo), Manfred Kurzer (Olympic Medallist - Shooting). All of them have won gold and silver medals at Olympic games, World and European Championships and all have contributed to making Frankfurt a familiar name in sport. Frankfurt is known through Manfred Wolkes training camp as a centre for boxing. But there is more to Frankfurts sporting environment not only in the competitive arena; it also caters for the masses: 83 clubs with around 10,000 active members, from A as in Aerobic to Y as in Yoga. The town has its own professional training camp, an Olympic base, a Bundeswehr (German army) sport development group a sports school and 13 »Landesleistungssttzpunkte« (area bases for competitive athletes). All of these are not only funded through town and country, but also find support through local sponsors.   
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Frankfurt (Oder)
City of Sport