Frankfurt (Oder) has lots to offer that justify a visit to the town on the Oder. But especially the three choral windows of the St Marien church, which were returned from St Petersburg in 2002, are worth a visit. St Marien lies in the centre of town and is one of the largest basilicas in Northern German brick-gothic, the former Universitys and Frankfurts main parish church, Not only the windows, with their luminous and colourful glass paintings are rightly called »a miracle of colour and light«. A miracle is also the unexpected return of the picture bible from St Petersburg in 2002 and the restoration since then: the picture bible was removed from the church during the war and was missing since 1945. If you hurry you can still see the »Antichrist Window« in the museum »Junge Kunst« (Young Art) in the town hall It will be there until 27 April 2007. After that the last two windows will be installed in their rightful place in St Marien. There is a commemoration service at St Marien for the reinstatement of the windows on 29 June 2007.    < return

The Glass Paintings of
St Marien