It is 866 km long and runs through the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany to the Baltic Sea: Odra. Wodra. Oder. As a result of the Second World War the river became the German Polish border (»Oder-Neie-Linie«) from the confluence of the Neie at Lausitz to Meschrin/Grysino. Next to the Rhine, Donau, Inn and Elbe rivers, the Oder is the fifth largest river in Germany with a catchment area of 119 000 km2 and it is held to be one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. »Here I have conquered a province in peace« a legendary exclamation by Friedrich II, who started with the drainage of the Oder marsh and with that created fertile farm land. The attraction of this area is still traded as a secret (well, almost) amongst cyclists and canoeist and is a rewarding destination close to Frankfurt. Another hint: The Oder-Neie cycle path runs through Frankfurt. If you like, you can cycle along the river Oder from Zittau to Ahlbeck. It is not strenuous: an even path just along the river.   < return

The River