For centuries Frankfurt (Oder) has been a musical town. Many famous names have been associated with the Oder town. Composers and musicians, such as Bartholomus Gesius, Michael Praetorius, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Paul Blumenthal, but also Gottfried Piefke shaped Frankfurts musical life for centuries. Here the master organ builder Wilhelm Sauer founded the worldwide renowned organ manufacture. In the 19th century there was also a factory for brass instruments. And the »Reka Collection« of historical musical instruments is also well known and part of it can be seen in the Museum Viadrina. But Frankfurt (Oder) can still call itself a lively musical town today. The Brandenburg State Orchestra is situated here, as well as the »Singakademie Frankfurt« (choir), founded in 1815. There are also many other orchestras and choirs, to which many of the music lovers in Frankfurt and Sulubices contribute. Lovers of art and culture have difficult choices too: the concert hall, the Kleist Forum, the Music School and the Music Library are all open to tourists and are well worth visiting.   < return

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