Euro region Pro Europa Viadrina

The German Polish border is 461 km long, of that 135 left and right of the border constitute the Euro region Pro Europa Viadrina a legal public body. It was set up in 1993 with the aim of increasing the collaboration on both sides of the border and through that increase international competitiveness. On the German side of the border the Euro region includes the counties of Mrkisch-Oderland, Oder-Spree as well as the independent town of Frankfurt Oder. On the polish side 28 parishes of the region Lebuser Land belong to the Euro region and 1 parish of the region of Pommern (Pomerania). There are six border crossing in this area four raod crossings and 2 rail crossings. At the border in Frankfurt Oder ?wiecko about 50% of trade between Germany and Poland crosses the border.

These figures alone present the economic significance of this joint region between Germany and Poland, which is situated in the important East-West trade and infrastructure corridor Rotterdam Berlin Warsaw Moscow. It borders Berlin in the West and offers a direct connection to East and Central European markets.

The European Union supports many of the various individual projects within the Euro region, with the aim to support the inclusion process within the European Union