For people that like being active during their holidays, who want to get moving, we have many things on offer take your pick!




For the runners and joggers amongst you there is a marked running track in the town woods, either 3.6 or 12 km long. The enthusiasts of the »RBB Laufbewegung« (running club) meet here every Saturday. Depending on numbers they offer between eight and ten different running, walking and Nordic walking groups. Another favourite route is the isle of Ziegenwerder and the Europe garden.




Frankfurt has a skater venue at the Mhlenweg. But there are more opportunities around Frankfurt. Take your car on the B87 towards Eisenhttenstadt and leave it at Fischer Schneider in the town of Finkenheerd (about 8km from Frankfurt). The route for skaters takes you directly to Eisenhttenstadt. But you can have a break and ...
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There are several venues, which offer Bowling in Frankfurt. There is the bowling centre »Space-Bowl«, bowling in Frame and »Eurobowl« to name but a few. Just ask at the tourist information.




Would you have imagined this? There is a section of the German Alpine Club in Frankfurt (Oder). The climbing hall of the section in Frankfurt is located in the Ziegelstrasse. There, you will find over 500 square metres of climbing area and 34 routes up 9 metres in length.




You can go for a swim in Frankfurts largest »bath tub« the lake Helene. A former open cast mine, circa 8 km from Frankfurt. The »beautiful Helene« as the lake is called, is about 250ha big and up to 70 metres deep, with a long sandy beach and crystal clear water one of the cleanest lakes in Brandenburg. It is also home to the largest campsite ...
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Of course you can go fishing in Frankfurt it is situated at the Oder after all. Please ask at the tourist information. They will tell you all about the best opportunities and let you into the secrets of the best places.




Camping enthusiasts should feel right at home in Frankfurt (Oder): lake Helene is home to the largest campsite in Europe. Right next to it is the international recreational and meeting venue Euro Camp for children and youths which offers many activities: a sailing and diving school, volleyball, football, tennis, handball, street ball, basketball, bowling, sauna and of course value for money overnight accommodation.




Frankfurt offers several possibilities: but the nicest is probably the Finnish Saunagarten Puutahra (lit. Sauna garden) in the Buschmhlenweg, with five different Saunas. It is the destination for sauna enthusiasts from all around Frankfurt.