Hanseatic town festival »Bunter Hering«

the hallmark of Frankfurt (Oder)! Frankfurt celebrates and the whole town is out and about! From the Marktplatz to the Oder embankment you will find stage next to stage and stall next to stall, with something for everyone: from pop to classical music, from dancing to a swimming competition in the river Oder, from Bratwurst to fish and from a brass concert to fireworks. Every year - the second weekend in July. Dont miss it!




Frankfurt (Oder) and Slubice are a well really the European twin town. This is something that needs to be celebrated; every year in May, left and right of the river Oder, here as well as there, with dancing, music and fireworks, with street theatre, with German and Polish culinary specialties.



Grüner Markt

Apart from winter, the market is on all year: Frankfurts Grner Markt right round the town hall, every week on a Thursday, from 8.00 16.00. As the name already indicates you can buy (almost) everything that grows. From fruit and vegetables to flowers and plants, honey or exquisite jams or eggs, sausages and meats, cheeses and fish. Try it!



Christmas markets

For a few years now, Frankfurt has not only one, but two Christmas markets. One is Germanys only German-Polish Christmas market, which stretches from the large Christmas tree in front of the town hall, via the Brunnenplatz right up to the Karl-Marx-Strae. Alongside German and Polish treats, it offers typical Christmas stalls, figures from fairy tales ...
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